• Amber

Amber – West Kelowna Salon Owner

Name:  Amber (Am-bur)
Position:  Owner
Specialty:  Trouble shooting just about anything.
One word that I connect with is: Duality

Education/ Experience: 

Trade Certificate of Qualification in Cosmetology through ITA.  Goldwell Master Colourist, Goldwell Educator.  Envogue certified nail tech.  Continuous education with Goldwell, KMS, evo, K18, Pravana, Pulp Riot, and other brands.  Most recent, special training for balayage, foiling, root melts.  

Business education, bookkeeping, office administration. 

Why Bottega Salon:

It is a place of true team and collaborative work.  We support each other, balance each other out.  We are the family we got to choose. 

This is a true bottega.  

Why did you start doing hair/customer care: 
I started doing nails as a creative balance to the structure of business admin.

What drives your professional passion: 
Education, I love learning and there is always something new, in business and in the beauty industry.  I get to be creative and satisfy my need for structure at the same time.

What are you doing when you’re not at Bottega Salon: 
I’m trying to get in as much time as I can with my kids while they still like me.