It’s been a long time coming, but BOTTEGA is finally offering hair extension services! If you are looking for a great salon to install your extensions, look no further than BOTTEGA. We will be offering hair extensions from Bellami, Babe, and Hotheads. All of which are 100% human, Remy hair. If you are curious about pricing, process, and additional extension services continue reading this article!

General Information

The cost of hair extensions varies depending on the length, brand, and type of extensions. Clients can choose between straight or wavy hair in many different lengths between 14’’ and 24’’. For those who want hair between the lengths of 26’’ to 40’’, it will need to be custom ordered. 

It should be noted that 50% of the extension service fee will be required to book an installation appointment and order hair extensions. The time it takes to install extensions will be dependent on the method and amount of hair being installed. 

At Bottega, we don’t recommend that clients get bump up’s. As such we will not perform bump up’s on any hair that is damaged or weak. However, we do offer them in select cases. The cost for this service is determined by the extension method. 

Besides installation, BOTTEGA will also be offering other extension services. For instance:

  • A hair wash and scalp treatment with a blow dry and style ($60)
  • Weft and Extension Malibu C Replenish Masque for take-home ($11) or in-salon treatment during installation ($30)
  • Custom colour matching (consultation required)

Sew in Wefts

Sew-in wefts require no heat, chemicals, or adhesives to achieve the highest coverage! This makes them ideal for clients with thick hair. Wefts are great for adding volume and length without causing lots of damage. To install wefts, they are sewn onto a beaded foundation that is created with your natural hair. In addition, wefts lay flat on the head and can be matched to almost any thickness of hair. However, with this in mind, they aren’t ideal for those with thin or fine hair. 

At Bottega, we offer two kinds of sew-in wefts: volume wefts and hand-tied wefts. Volume wefts are machine-tied wefts that can be double or triple-stacked and staggered for volume, length, and discreteness. On the other hand, hand-tied wefts are the best when it comes to being discreet, lightweight, moveable, and comfortable. Hand-tied wefts are done in single layers that can be stacked for volume and length.

Sew-in wefts need to be re-applied every 6-9 weeks. This means removing old extensions and reinstalling a new beaded base in a slightly different location to protect the integrity of the natural hair. Reapplying in this way prevents damage and matting that can happen with bump up’s/move up’s. Clients with sew in’s will be able to reuse extension hair 3-5 times or 10 months to 1 year, with proper care. 

Sew in Weft Pricing? Check out our services page here!

I-Tips or Microbeads

I-Tips which are also known as microbeads are an individual bond method. They are installed by clamping an extension strand (it’s actually a small bundle, not one strand of hair) and a small section of your natural hair inside a silicone-lined or micro-lock bead. The extension is tipped with polyurethane, creating a cushion of protection for your natural hair inside the bead.

Microbeads allow for movement in the hair and are good for those who wear lots of up-dos. I-Tips are versatile since they can be used by any hair type to add length, and volume, fill in thin areas, or add pops of colour!

I-Tips need to be re-applied every 6-9 weeks. This means removing old extensions and reinstalling a new bead and extension in a slightly different location to protect the integrity of the natural hair. Reapplying in this way prevents damage and matting that can happen with bump up’s/move up’s. 

I-Tips Pricing? Learn more about pricing for I-Tips here!


Tape-ins are a high-coverage hair extension method. They are installed by sandwiching a section of natural hair between two pieces of taped extensions. Clients with finer hair have the option of using a single-sided extension. Tape-ins will lay extremely flat to the head and are highly discreet. 

It should be noted that extensions must be removed and reinstalled every 6-8 weeks. This involves the removal and re-installation of the taped sandwiches in a slightly different location to protect the integrity of the natural hair. If hair is placed on the same base strands, it can cause damage and matting. Hair can be reused for 8-10 months with proper care.

Tape-ins Pricing? Find out more about the cost of Tape-ins here!

Fusion/ Keratin Bonds

Fusion bonds are keratin protein-based tips with added silicone to act as a barrier that protects the natural hair when bonded around it. Installation involves using a low-heat tool to soften the keratin and form the bond around the natural hair. This method is completely customizable and can be cut down into micro pieces to add volume and cover

thinning of hair. Furthermore, it allows 360-degree movement of the hair for optimal styling. 

This method lasts anywhere from 3-5 months (15-22 weeks) depending on the length and density of the hair. The hair used in this extension method is not reusable which means that new hair is needed every install!

Fusion/Keratin Bonds Pricing? Pricing for Fusion/Keratin Bonds can be found here!

Contact us and Learn More About How Much Hair Extensions Cost in Kelowna!

Hair extensions can be tricky to navigate. Especially, if you’ve never had them before. If you’re looking to get extensions installed contact us today to book your consultation appointment! For more information about types of extensions and their respective pros and cons, check out this article we did in the past! We look forward to seeing you in our salon soon. 

There are so many reasons why investing in hair extensions can be beneficial. If you are trying to decide whether or not you want to make this purchase. We’ve created a list to help you make the choice. Depending on what you are trying to achieve with your hair, extensions might be the right fit for you. Follow along below to learn more about the reasons why you might want to consider investing in hair extensions! 

1. A Stylist in West Kelowna Can Help You Achieve Length With Extensions!

Have you always dreamed about having long hair, but never been able to achieve it? If yes, hair extensions could be a great choice for you. The frustration of your hair not growing past a certain point is tough. However, you can get your dream length of hair with extensions in a matter of minutes. This way you’ll finally be able to experience what it’s like to have long hair. 

2. Hide a Bad Haircut With Hair Extensions. 

Another reason hair extensions might come in handy is if you recently had a bad haircut. If you pulled out the scissors and decided to give yourself a fresh chop, but it went horribly wrong, hair extensions might be able to save your look. Whatever your hair horror story, extensions are a great way to hide any imperfections or mistakes. You can even use clip-in extensions while you wait for your natural hair to grow out. This way, you can avoid that awkward phase of it growing back to its usual length. And, clip-ins won’t hinder hair growth!

3. Try a New Colour With Hair Extensions in West Kelowna!

Trying a new hair colour can be intimidating. Especially if you have never strayed from your natural colour. If you are worried about it looking bad or damaging your hair, extensions could be a great option. Extensions are an easy and forgiving way to test out that hair trend you’ve always wanted to try. For instance, adding highlights or having ombre hair. Both of these can be achieved through hair extensions. Moreover, they can easily be taken out if you don’t like them. This way, you don’t have to go through the process of re-dyeing your hair, which could cause further damage. 

4. Special Occasion Hair!

Hair extensions can help you achieve the exact look you want for a special occasion. Whether you are gearing up for a wedding, graduation, or red carpet event, hair extensions can be just what you need to spice up your hairstyle. Achieve your desired hair goals with extensions at your next event! 

5. New Look and Added Volume.

For those who suffer from hair loss or thin hair, extensions can help boost your confidence. Hair extensions are a great way to get your hair back to what it once was. There are plenty of extensions available specifically for individuals who have experienced hair loss. Furthermore, if you have always had thin hair, extensions can help you achieve your desired thickness. All it takes is a few wefts of hair to reach your goal of thick, luscious locks. 

Lastly, you can use extensions to change up your look. Hair extensions make any hairstyle appear more detailed and full. The added length and volume instantly liven up even the simplest of hairstyles. A basic braid can be transformed just by adding in a few wefts of hair. Furthermore, you can turn your hair extensions into accessories like a braided headband! Or, wrap an extension around your ponytail for a clean and elegant look. Check out this article on how to use your extensions as accessories.

Contact Your Hair Stylist in West Kelowna Today!

Hair extensions in West Kelowna are a great way to achieve the hair you’ve always wanted, but couldn’t achieve naturally. Whether you are looking to add length, volume, or combat hair loss, extensions can be incredibly empowering. Contact your local stylist in West Kelowna today for more information on hair extensions and to see if they’re a fit for both of you. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about hair or our sustainable salon! Be sure to check out our social media for the latest updates and events! We look forward to seeing you at our West Kelowna hair salon soon!