2022 is here! We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and is excited to start making a dent in their new year’s resolutions. If one of those is revamping your look, our West Kelowna hair salon has you covered. New hair could be just what you need to get those motivational juices flowing. We get all sorts of questions each day from our excited clients. Many of which, are reoccurring! To help ease the confusion surrounding some of our most asked questions, we decided to do an FAQ this month!

Continue reading below to find out the answers to your most pressing haircare questions. 

West Kelowna Hair Salon on a Trim vs. Cut 

At BOTTEGA Salon, our stylists often are asked the difference between a trim and a cut. There are various reasons why people think that getting a trim will be better for them than getting 6 inches off. Namely, price and time. However, what clients fail to realize is that we have to do the same amount of work no matter how much hair you wish for us to take off. Every cut, no matter how big or small, involves sectioning, cross-checking, layering (if you’re interested), thinning, etc.  So, this year when you come in for a haircut, remember that no matter what length you want to be taken off, it’s all the same to us! Get the hair length you want and visit us at our West Kelowna hair salon today!

Salon Vs. Drugstore Products.

The argument of Salon Vs. Drugstore products is an age-old debate that people constantly wonder about. Oftentimes, folks will opt for drugstore products because they are more convenient and affordable. Although Drug store products have many of the same ingredients, it is the amount and quality of those ingredients that make the difference. Cheaper products typically contain more fillers and less beneficial ingredients like vitamins and minerals. For example, a store-bought shampoo will likely contain more water and sulphates. Goldwell spends a lot of money on R&D to develop take-home products that are designed to support the longevity of their hair colours. Choosing between store-bought and salon-quality products can be a tricky one. 

Understanding what you want from your product can help you decide between the two. For example, if you want something that’s going to enhance and protect the colour you just got done on your hair, opting for a higher-grade shampoo and conditioner is best. However, if you are just looking to remove the everyday grease and grime that builds up, a drugstore shampoo can be all you need. On the other hand, when it comes to things like hair sprays and heat protectants, choosing the higher-quality one will be a better bang for your buck. Using poor-quality heat protectants can still leave your hair at risk for heat damage. Moreover, cheap hairspray can leave your hair with an unattractive texture and contain lots of harsh ingredients that can actually damage your hair. 

Our Stylists Want The Full Hair History.

When we ask clients about their hair history, we don’t want just the last colour that was done.  We want the full history—as in the last few years. Typically, it is perceived that when a colour is no longer visible it’s gone from the hair. We cannot stress enough how this is not true!  Especially, if a product was used that contains a metallic salt.

Metallic salts are used in nearly all standard store-bought hair dyes. The colours that appear from dyes with metallic salts are apparent because of a chemical reaction between the salts and the sulphur in your hair protein. With this in mind, if you choose to get highlights done, for instance, things can go seriously wrong. The lightener used to achieve this look will reveal everything that was done and can react with the molecules left in the hair. Thus, leaving you with hair you won’t be satisfied with.

By giving us a full hair history, we are better able to provide you with a great cut and colour! Failing to let us know the details can hinder our full potential to get you your dream look. 

West Kelowna Hair Salon Advises About Heat Tool Temperatures.

Dear Lord, this is by far the most asked question of our clients. Temperatures of heat tools are an important issue that needs to be addressed. Using heat tools at an excessively high heat causes severe damage to your hair. Hair is composed of various different bonds. The most important being keratin proteins. Using heat tools over 300℉ can cause the keratin to change. ⍺-keratin converts to β-keratin, in turn making your once luscious locks weak and void of any elasticity. Heat ruins hair through loss of moisture, the stripping of natural oils, and/or damaged cuticles. 

To help our clients better understand, we use these analogies:

The speedometer of a car usually goes up to 200Km/h but we don’t drive this fast, because it is dangerous. Same with our ovens—they will go up to about 550℉, but if you aren’t careful you will burn your food. Heat protectants for your hair are a must if you use a hot tool.  And for heavens sakes, turn the temps down! We recommend blow drying on medium heat and finishing with cool air. Flat iron’s and curling irons should not be at their highest.  Take your hair in smaller sections and don’t hold it in one place. 

For more information on all things hair, contact us today! We’d be happy to clear up any misconceptions or answer any questions that you may have.

Be sure to check out our social media for hair and salon-related information/updates. We look forward to seeing you at our West Kelowna hair Salon soon!

December is here and at BOTTEGA Salon we are recapping all of our blog articles from the past year. We’re also including a holiday bonus about what hair products you should add to your holiday hair wishlist this winter! Be sure to check out any articles you may have missed below. These posts provide several tips on how to take care of your hair and some information about our salon.

Keep reading below to see what articles you missed from 2021 and some must-have hair products!

August 2021 – BOTTEGA is the newest Hair Salon in West Kelowna!

BOTTEGA hair salon opened this year in July! Our salon is equipped with seasoned stylists to ensure you get the hair of your dreams. BOTTEGA offers many services like cut and colour, brow and lash tints, and more! In this article, you can find information about all of the services we offer and pricing. Moreover, you can find some insightful advice on how to maintain your hair during the hot summer months. From ditching heat tools to taking cold showers, there’s a bunch of tips on how to take care of your hair in the heat! This article is a must-read—especially if you’re going somewhere hot for the holidays. Be sure to check out the full post “BOTTEGA is the newest Hair Salon in West Kelowna”.

September 2021 – Get a Stylish Fall Haircut in West Kelowna!

Many of our clients love to switch up their hair in the fall season. Darker coloured hair and warm tones are much more fitting in the cooler seasons. In this post, we wrote all about fall hair trends and how to spice up your look for the chilly weather. In addition, we wrote about cut and colour options and some of the hottest hair-styling trends. Find some inspiration for your next look in the post “Get a Stylish Fall Haircut in West Kelowna”.

October 2021 – Misconceptions About Hair – From hairdressers in West Kelowna.

After being open for a few months, we wanted to provide our clients with some information about some of their biggest misconceptions. There is so much false information about hair care and it is often hard to differentiate between what is real and what is fake. In this article, we cleared up the most common hair myths. Learn about split ends, editorial hair, hair loss, and oil treatments in this comprehensive post. View the full article “Misconceptions About Hair – From hairdressers in West Kelowna”. 

November 2021 – Hairstylists in West Kelowna Clear Up More Misconceptions!

hair trim in west kelowna

In November we decided to shed some light on more misconceptions about hair. October’s article was so helpful to all of you that we wanted to provide you with a little more information on some of the biggest hair scams. This way your hair stays happy and healthy. In this blog post, you can discover information about trimming and hair growth, natural hair, moisturizing, shampoo immunity, and more. If you’ve been wondering about any of these, check out the full post “Hairstylists in West Kelowna Clear Up More Misconceptions”. 

Hair Products to Add to Your XMAS Wishlist!

If you’re looking to make 2022 the best hair year yet, you need to invest in some of these hair products. We promise you won’t regret it. Check out the list below to see what hair essentials you’re missing out on!

  1. A Great Heat Protectant 

If you don’t want to get anything for your hair this year, at least get a heat protectant. We cannot urge this enough! Heat protectants are hair saviours. They prevent damage and ensure that your hair stays healthy and doesn’t burn to a crisp. Please, do yourself a favour and get a heat protectant for the new year—especially if you use heat tools everyday.

  1. A Good Blow Dryer

A good blow dryer will get the job done quickly and efficiently. They often have hot and cool settings, attachments, and organizational features. A salon-quality hair dryer will ensure your hair looks great.

  1. Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

Quality shampoo and conditioner will go a long way. They are often free of chemicals and ingredients that can cause more harm than good to your hair. Talk with your stylist about getting a shampoo and conditioner that’s right for your hair type.

  1. Hairspray

If you have trouble getting your hair to stay in its spot, you need a good hairspray! This will make sure your curls stay bouncy all day. 

  1. A Flat Iron & A Hair Curler

Flat irons and hair curlers are essential in creating lasting looks. It is very difficult to achieve perfectly straight hair without a flat iron. And, vice versa without a hair curler. Get the look you’ve always wanted and buy a hair curler and flat iron this holiday season. But, don’t forget your heat protectant! 

Happy Holidays From BOTTEGA Salon!

bottega salon

We want to thank you all for a successful 1st year at BOTEGGA Salon! We hope that you found this year’s blog content helpful. As always, be sure to contact us if you have any questions or to book an appointment. We look forward to styling your hair in the new year. Check back next month for more hair content.

Happy holidays to everyone!

Hairstylists in West Kelowna are back again this month to clear up more misconceptions about all things hair! In a world of such demanding beauty standards, there are so many hoaxes that you must be wary of. Last month we covered a variety of misconceptions that we often hear from our clients.  In addition to this, we have decided to continue with this hot topic and shed even more light on other hair scams. Keep your hair feeling healthy and fresh by avoiding the following deceit 🙂

Continue reading below for more information on avoiding false hair tips.

Hairstylists in West Kelowna Warn About Over-Moisturizing.

There are hundreds of moisturizing products readily available for purchase. It feels as though beauty companies have designed a moisturizer for every body part these days. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that our bodies need them. Oftentimes, we get clients who complain about having dry hair. Their answer to this problem is to slap all sorts of moisturizers on their hair. Although, this usually doesn’t remedy the problem. In fact, it typically worsens it. When it rains outside and your hair gets wet, there is routinely an eruption of frizz and loss of style. The same thing occurs in humid climates. Instead of reaching for a moisturizer or water-based product, grab something restorative or protective. These types of products are designed to close the cuticle so moisture can no longer ruin your good hair day! Talk to one of our hairstylists to find the perfect product for you.

Trimming ≠ Hair Growth.

It is commonly believed that trimming your hair will result in hair growth. Contrary to this popular belief, trimming your hair does not equal hair growth! We get all sorts of clients who frequently come in to receive trims. Despite their trimming efforts, there is usually less hair growth. If you want long hair, you need to give your hair time to grow out. It is recurrently assumed that hair growth starts from the ends. In actuality, hair growth starts from the scalp. People who maintain a healthy scalp will have healthy hair and more growth. Trimming will give the appearance that your hair looks healthier. However, if you trim at the same rate your hair grows, you won’t see any difference in length.  

Complaints about hair growth are common while clients are having their roots touched up. If you have re-growth at your root, then your hair is growing. Though, this could be a good indicator to look at the ends and get a good cut. Split ends will continue to split and make it seem as though the hair is not growing. Also, be cautious of how hot you set your heat tools. And please use a heat protectant!

Hairstylists in West Kelowna Urge Clients to Keep it Natural!

The temptation to switch up your hair and fight your natural style can be strong. Our hairstylists find that people are generally more content when they keep their natural hair. Fighting your curly or pin-straight locks usually results in unhappiness. If you have thick, thin, coarse, curly, or straight hair, it is better to work with what you have. Forcing your hair to do something unnatural can result in damage and cost more money. Most people experience better growth results when they leave their hair natural. For best results, we recommend embracing what you have! A great cut and/or colour can satisfy that craving for change without harming the integrity of your luscious locks. Come to BOTTEGA Salon today to get a style you’ll love!

My Hair is Immune to my Shampoo & Conditioner.

Did you find the holy grail of shampoo and conditioner and they suddenly stopped working? If this is the case, we’re here to assure you they still work just the same. However, there are a variety of factors that may give the appearance that your hair has become “immune”. Hair products like your shampoo and conditioner can react with weather conditions. Often, this will make it seem as though your hair is drier than usual, or maybe oilier. Dry and humid climates are usual culprits of these hair troubles. If your favourite products are changing the natural pH balance of your hair, it can produce the effect that your soaps aren’t as effective. Using quality products is essential in hair health. Washing your hair too often can also strip your hair of its natural oils and properties, thus affecting its appearance. 

Visit Hairstylists in West Kelowna Today!

We hope this article puts some of your most pressing hair questions to rest. Join us next month for an FAQ on all things hair. To book an appointment with us, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you feel great with one of our services. More information and examples of our latest styles can be found on our social media here! We look forward to seeing you soon at BOTTEGA Salon 🙂

From unwashed hair to hair loss, there’s a lot of misconceptions about taking care of your luscious locks. The Internet has thrown tons of false information about how to get the best hair. Most of these so-called ‘tips’ are beginning to see the light of day as misnomers. At Bottega Salon, our hairdressers in West Kelowna get asked tons of questions about hair. To help out our clientele, we wanted to dedicate an article to revealing the truth behind long-running hair misconceptions. Continue reading below to learn more about what ‘tricks’ are potentially destroying the health of your hair or are just plain silly!

The Biggest Hair Myths Exposed by Your Favourite Hairdressers in West Kelowna!

Unwashed hair makes dyeing easier.

This is probably our most common myth in the salon. Unwashed hair does not make dyeing easier or better or more protective. Hair that is lathered in product from days past, dirty, and/or oily will make the dye’s job much more difficult. Instead of being applied to a clean, blank canvas, it will have to work through the grime in order to take. Usually, this results in a patchier colouring job. You may end up needing to do a follow-up appointment or use more colour. Thus, meaning more money and time. It’s best to have clean hair before coming in to get your hair dyed. 

Editorial hair can be done in one visit.

“I just want my hair to look like this photo of Kim. K. Can you do that?” Put simply, yes. However many clients who come in wanting editorial hair don’t realize how long this takes. The process involves, on average, 8-12 hours. Meaning multiple appointments over various weeks. Editorial hair is very much possible, but it’s very costly and time-consuming. It also is largely dependent on the current shape of your hair and what your hair history is. In summary, undertaking a major hair transformation will come with a higher price and a longer duration attached to the process. 

I’m losing my hair!

Hairdressers in West Kelowna frequently see clients get freaked out that they’re losing their hair. 

We’re here to put your concerns to rest because a little bit of hair loss is completely natural! Humans lose 50 – 200 strands of hair per day. The amount of hair you lose is largely determined by your hair type, how you wear your hair, and what activities you’re doing. Moreover, those with short and/or thin hair will lose around 50-100 hairs a day or less. Furthermore, people who have thick and/or long hair can lose 100-200 hairs per day. This is completely okay. It’s your body’s way of getting out with the old and in with the new.

Wearing a ponytail all day and then taking a shower, is a recipe for greater hair loss. This is because when your hair is up, it’s harder for it to shed naturally throughout the day. So, when you step in the shower and it appears as though it’s all falling out in chunks that’s likely why. 

Split ends will heal.

hairstylists in west kelowna

No matter what magic formula you’ve bought, nothing is going to heal split ends except a great pair of scissors There is no special formula or trick. If you want to say goodbye to split ends, you need to bring out the snips. Trying to treat them will only result in the appearance of thinner hair and more split ends. Your hair is like a plant. You need to cut off the dead leaves in order to promote healthy growth.

Coconut oil works magic on your hair.

Coconut oil is great for hair…in the short term. Over time, if you continually use coconut oil, it will eventually repel water and healing products. Thus, making it very difficult for your hair to absorb amino acids that are so beneficial to the health of your hair. As it is with most treatments, serums, and masks, use them according to the direction of your hairstylist. When in doubt, follow the labels carefully and never overuse a product!

Contact Hairdressers in West Kelowna Today!

We hope this article clears up some of your most pressing hair questions. Join us next month for part two of busting common hair myths! To book an appointment with us, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you feel great with one of our services. More information and examples of our latest comings and goings can be found on our social media here! We look forward to seeing you soon at Bottega Salon 🙂

Fall is here, and the hair trends for this lovely season are some of the best yet! If you’re eager to make a change or switch up your look, a new style is the way to go. It’s the least, most permanent – yet still, a quite permanent way to symbolize the new you. Fall 2021 is coming with all sorts of new trends and looks to spice up your cheveux. There is sure to be a look for every person this season. Read along to discover what styles are going to be all the rage this winter and fall!

Spice up Your Haircut in West Kelowna With Some Fun Accessories!

Accessories are going to become a staple in your hair-dos. They are an inexpensive, and chic way to heighten your style without changing your cut or colour. There are 8 specific accessories that you’re going to want to get your hands on. First up, are hair clips. Literally, any clip will do. Most notably claw clips – as we’ve seen in the past few seasons. Another good clip to have on hand is a hair slide. Hair slides are great if you want a sophisticated, yet effortless look. These come in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, these clips can be found at almost any drugstore or retail store. 

While you’re shopping, you may want to pick up a headband…or three. It’s time to channel your inner Blair Waldorf and add a headband into your style. In addition, headbands also give the illusion of volume without having to spend hours teasing and blowdrying. 

Next, we have kerchiefs or headscarves. These are great for that third or fourth-day hair. You can easily hide a greasy scalp and still wear your hair down with a kerchief. Consider purchasing silk or cloth ones for a bougie look. You’ll have people fooled that you haven’t washed your hair in four days.

Funky Hair Parts Are Totally In Right Now.

Do remember when you were a toddler and your hair got parted in zig-zags? If yes, it’s your time to shine! Zig-zag parts are back and we highly encourage those who’ve never had one to try it out. Many celebs are putting a refreshing new touch on the zig-zag look. For instance, Bella Hadid styled her funky part into a messy up-do for a revamped take on this outlandish hairstyle. Or, check out Dixie Damellio. She styled her wide zig-zag part into a slicked-back pony for a fun and chic take on this old style.

Ask your stylist to give you a zig-zag part next time you get a haircut in West Kelowna. Or, try it out on your own. All it takes is a rat-tail comb and a little bit of patience. Be sure to tag us in your attempts with the hashtag #bottegasalon. 

Cut it off and Dye it Blonde at your next Haircut in West Kelowna.

Bobs are a classic hairstyle, but this fall they are back and better than ever. Cut it all off and enjoy the weight being lifted off your shoulders – literally! Bobs are a very cute style that we think screams fall and winter. They give people an academic, smart look. Additionally, you will save money on shampoo and conditioner with a bob. Give a short hair a try today and book a haircut in West Kelowna.

Another way people are spicing up their hair is by dying it icy blonde. Take a hint from Disney’s Elsa and dye that bob icy blonde. Or keep your length and switch up the colour. Icy blonde hair is so reminiscent of winter and the cool weather. Embody the seasons changing with this truly epic hair colour. 

For more information on booking a haircut in West Kelowna today, give us a call or visit our website here. We are more than happy to help you achieve one of these awesome new styles. Stay on-trend with a great new hairstyle today when you visit Bottega Salon in West Kelowna. Be sure to check us out on social media for inspiration and the latest client looks! We look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

BOTTEGA Salon is planning to have our Grand Opening celebration on July 10th, 2021! 

A fun carnival beach theme, with games outside of our West Kelowna salon!

We are hoping to raise funds for our furry friends over at Paws it Forward. Our intention is to have a pay to play, and all money collected will be directed towards Paws it Forward.   Make sure you stay tuned for official details, and times! You won’t want to miss our swag giveaways and prizes!

This hair salon in West Kelowna has undergone a makeover! The glow up for RR Hair took place during the height of COVID-19 and consisted of an entirely new re-brand for this up and coming cutting edge hair studio located in West Kelowna.