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2024 is here, and with it has come several new trends for hair. From cuts to accessories, there’s a lot to know if you’re planning on switching up your style in the months ahead. Last year, we saw the end of the curtain bang, the rise of the bob, and a notable shift towards emphasizing hair care. In 2024, many of last year’s trends are here to stay, with a twist of their own. From boxy layers to 90s influence, there’s something for everyone in this year’s hair trends. To help you discover which 2024 style is best for you, we are going to be going over the most anticipated hair trends of the year. Follow along below to see how you can achieve this year’s trends with a West Kelowna haircut!

What West Kelowna Haircut Should You Receive in 2024?

This year we’re seeing all sorts of new trends in haircuts that are largely influenced by decades passed. However, a new trend this year will be embracing one’s natural locks. This is a trend that started to kick off in 2023 with the hair care movement. People want now more than ever to love their hair—no matter the texture or colour! With more and more individuals asking for wash-and-go styles and colours, it’s evident that natural hair is in this year. 

If your natural hair doesn’t do it for you, don’t fret! There are plenty of other hair trends set to take the world by storm in 2024. For instance, angular bobs. An angular bob is the perfect style to achieve that cool, edgy look that is all the rage right now. However, this isn’t the only bob that is going to be popular this year. We are also seeing the comeback of the soft bob, 90s bob and the lob. We suppose it’s safe to say that short hair will be a notable fad in 2024. 

As for colours, the biggest trend is going to be honey blonde. You’ve seen this colour on celebrities and the runway, and it’s now making its way into mainstream culture. If you have blonde or brunette hair, warm and honey-toned finishes are about to become your best friends. This colour is undeniably classic and looks even better with some light, creamy blonde highlights. 

Another colour set to sweep the nation is red. But, not just any red, we are talking about the rich, decadent reds as seen, most notably, on The Little Mermaid. Whether it’s a true red, an auburn tone, or a copper shine, red will be everywhere this season. 

Hair Accessories You’re Going to Want & Styles to Recreate

With haircare taking such a focus in 2024, this year is all about accessorizing your natural locks. Near the end of 2023, we saw a rise in the popularity of headbands. Like it or not, headbands are here to stay in 2024. So, get ready to channel your inner Blair Waldorf and make the most out of the prep school vibes. If you’re not sure what kind of headbands to invest in, try out a sleek, black plastic style, or a cotton tube one for added comfort.

Another accessory that people everywhere are buying, is the hair bow. Bows fit right in with this year’s ballet-core trends and we can’t get enough of it. A hair bow is a great way to add a touch of femininity to your style. If you want to recreate this trend, there are so many ways to do so. For instance, we’ve seen people tying ribbons at the end of their braids or top of their ponytail for that ballet-inspired look. The best part of the bow trend is how easy it is to recreate without spending a dime! 

Finally, as far as styling goes, 2024 could be the year of the up-do. With intricate buns and elevated ponies, there is so much creative potential for this year’s styles. If up-dos aren’t your thing, leave it down and style your locks in big voluminous curls. After all, runway hair is going nowhere in the new year—the bigger the blowout, the better!

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