Growing long and gorgeous hair doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time, patience, and dedication. If you have goals of growing out your hair, practicing healthy hair habits is essential. Developing a routine that ensures you take proper care of your locks is a great place to start your hair growth journey. On average, most people’s hair only grows ¼ to ½ of an inch per month. This means it can take several months or even years to achieve the length you desire, depending on your starting point and your hair care practices. To help you get a better idea of how to grow out your hair, Bottega, the best hair salon West Kelowna, is going to share some of our greatest hair growth tips. We believe that with the right care and attention, everyone can achieve the luscious locks they dream of.

Best Hair Salon West Kelowna on Growing Your Locks

If you’ve ever been to a hair salon, you’ve probably heard that trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks promotes hair growth. However, this idea is somewhat dated. For those with hair that is already past shoulder length, cutting your hair this often is overkill.  The only time you should be cutting your hair this regularly is if you have very short hair that needs to be shaped. Otherwise, getting a trim every three months will do the trick! So, save your money and reinvest in more effective hair growth techniques like healthy eating. 

What you put into your body plays a huge role in the health and appearance of your hair. Nourishing your body with the right vitamins and nutrients can seriously impact the speed at which your hair grows. Diets that are rich in iron,  b12, vitamin D, riboflavin, protein, and collagen are more likely to help with hair growth. If you struggle to get enough of any of these nutrients, taking supplements to help you reach your goals could be worthwhile. Talk with your doctor or healthcare professional about taking a hair vitamin supplement to improve the strength and length of your locks!

We know that a lot of our clients don’t want to hear this, but growing out your hair often means leaving it natural. It’s challenging for our hair to be in its healthiest state when it’s dyed or constantly being fried by heat tools. So, if you want the best shot at long, luscious locks, it might be time to ditch the heat tools and hair dye. Overuse of heat tools on hair can damage strands causing severe breakage. Moreover, using hair dyes can affect the strength and thickness of your hair due to the chemicals inside most permanent hair dye formulas. 

What Else Can You Do to Promote Hair Growth?

At the best hair salon West Kelowna, we also recommend that you do your best to protect your hair at bedtime. This means investing in a silk pillowcase to help minimize friction, tugging and tangling that causes hair breakage. It also means avoiding going to bed with wet hair. If you must sleep with wet hair, braid it before your slumber to minimize damage and protect the strands. Furthermore, ensure that you are getting your beauty sleep. Resting between 7-9 hours per night is essential for your hair’s growth and overall health. 

Another way to promote hair growth is to ensure that you are actively trying to minimize stress in your life. Chronic stress has been scientifically proven to lead to hair loss. In some people, when under severe stress, hair follicles can enter a resting phase where they shed hair instead of growing new strands. This is what causes the appearance of hair loss. However, it is possible to recover and prevent stress-related hair loss. Some tips to do so include regular exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness, and making time for activities that you love. 

The last piece of advice that we can give you as you work towards growing out your hair is to find products with good ingredients. Many of our everyday products contain harmful chemicals that can inhibit hair growth. For instance, if you turn over your bottle of shampoo or conditioner there’s a good chance that they both contain sulfates. Sulphates can be very damaging to your hair as they tend to strip away the natural oils that your hair produces. This ends up leaving you with brittle locks that break more easily and an irritated scalp. Ask your hairdresser what shampoo and conditioner they’d recommend for your hair if you’re interested in a healthier option. 

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2024 is here, and with it has come several new trends for hair. From cuts to accessories, there’s a lot to know if you’re planning on switching up your style in the months ahead. Last year, we saw the end of the curtain bang, the rise of the bob, and a notable shift towards emphasizing hair care. In 2024, many of last year’s trends are here to stay, with a twist of their own. From boxy layers to 90s influence, there’s something for everyone in this year’s hair trends. To help you discover which 2024 style is best for you, we are going to be going over the most anticipated hair trends of the year. Follow along below to see how you can achieve this year’s trends with a West Kelowna haircut!

What West Kelowna Haircut Should You Receive in 2024?

This year we’re seeing all sorts of new trends in haircuts that are largely influenced by decades passed. However, a new trend this year will be embracing one’s natural locks. This is a trend that started to kick off in 2023 with the hair care movement. People want now more than ever to love their hair—no matter the texture or colour! With more and more individuals asking for wash-and-go styles and colours, it’s evident that natural hair is in this year. 

If your natural hair doesn’t do it for you, don’t fret! There are plenty of other hair trends set to take the world by storm in 2024. For instance, angular bobs. An angular bob is the perfect style to achieve that cool, edgy look that is all the rage right now. However, this isn’t the only bob that is going to be popular this year. We are also seeing the comeback of the soft bob, 90s bob and the lob. We suppose it’s safe to say that short hair will be a notable fad in 2024. 

As for colours, the biggest trend is going to be honey blonde. You’ve seen this colour on celebrities and the runway, and it’s now making its way into mainstream culture. If you have blonde or brunette hair, warm and honey-toned finishes are about to become your best friends. This colour is undeniably classic and looks even better with some light, creamy blonde highlights. 

Another colour set to sweep the nation is red. But, not just any red, we are talking about the rich, decadent reds as seen, most notably, on The Little Mermaid. Whether it’s a true red, an auburn tone, or a copper shine, red will be everywhere this season. 

Hair Accessories You’re Going to Want & Styles to Recreate

With haircare taking such a focus in 2024, this year is all about accessorizing your natural locks. Near the end of 2023, we saw a rise in the popularity of headbands. Like it or not, headbands are here to stay in 2024. So, get ready to channel your inner Blair Waldorf and make the most out of the prep school vibes. If you’re not sure what kind of headbands to invest in, try out a sleek, black plastic style, or a cotton tube one for added comfort.

Another accessory that people everywhere are buying, is the hair bow. Bows fit right in with this year’s ballet-core trends and we can’t get enough of it. A hair bow is a great way to add a touch of femininity to your style. If you want to recreate this trend, there are so many ways to do so. For instance, we’ve seen people tying ribbons at the end of their braids or top of their ponytail for that ballet-inspired look. The best part of the bow trend is how easy it is to recreate without spending a dime! 

Finally, as far as styling goes, 2024 could be the year of the up-do. With intricate buns and elevated ponies, there is so much creative potential for this year’s styles. If up-dos aren’t your thing, leave it down and style your locks in big voluminous curls. After all, runway hair is going nowhere in the new year—the bigger the blowout, the better!

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Throughout 2023, we’ve kept consistent with our blog content! From West Kelowna hair care tips to current trends, we hope that this year’s blog posts have been insightful. With 2024 on the horizon, we thought it would be best to continue with our tradition of writing a year-end recap of all of the content we wrote for our blog in 2023! This way, you can catch up on any missed content, and get a jump start on your new year’s hair care resolutions. Follow along below to read this year’s blog recap!

Rewind to Winter and Fall Blog Content in 2023

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What West Kelowna Hair Care Content Was on our Blog During the Spring and Summer?

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Nov – Why Get Regular Haircuts at Our Salon in West Kelowna?

The simplest way to achieve healthy hair is by getting regular haircuts. In this article, we went over the benefits of receiving a haircut at our salon in West Kelowna regularly. 

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We want to thank everyone for an awesome third year at Bottega Salon! We hope that you found this year’s blog content helpful. As always, be sure to contact us if you have any questions, or to book an appointment. We look forward to seeing you in the salon in the new year. Don’t forget to submit your New Year’s hair care questions to our “Ask a Stylist” forum.  Moreover, be sure to check back next month for more hair content and visit our social media here. Happy holidays!

Keeping your hair in a healthy state is an important part in making sure your hair looks its best! Hair is an essential part of who we are as human beings. It represents our personalities, shows off our interests, and sets us apart from others. But, in order to keep our hair in a healthy condition, it’s crucial that we do more than just style and wash our locks.  The simplest way to achieve healthy hair is by getting regular haircuts. Having a cut or trim every six to eight weeks is a great way to prevent breakage. In this article, we will be going over the benefits of receiving a haircut at our salon in West Kelowna on a regular basis. Follow along below to learn more!

Benefits of Regular Haircuts at a Salon in West Kelowna

  1. Minimize/Prevent Damage

By having your hair cut on a regular basis, you will do wonders for the health of your hair. Trimming your locks every few weeks will keep split ends at bay and improve your cuticles. In turn, this will create a better, healthier hair texture. Avoiding regular haircuts can cause your hair to thin due to split end issues. This is hard to repair once the damage is done. So, keep your hair shiny and full with routine trims. 

  1. Increase Growth

Letting a stylist chop off some of your hair every now and then is actually a great way to boost hair growth. While it may seem counterintuitive, cutting off the damaged parts of your hair will make room for more healthy growth. Of course, it is still important that you wash and moisturize your scalp. However, if you’ve been wanting your hair to grow, a regular trim might be the secret to achieving your desired length! Visit one of our stylists in West Kelowna for more information about hair growth.

  1. Maintain Style and Length

Another benefit of having your hair cut often is that you get to maintain a specific style and length. If you have bangs, you’ll know that getting your hair trimmed often is essential in maintaining the style. Furthermore, for those with layered hair, having regular cuts is a much-needed part of retaining the layers. A regular haircut can also be of benefit for those with short hair so that they can preserve the perfect length!

Additional Perks of Regular Salon Visits

  1. Your Hair is Easier to Manage

Going to the salon for a regular trim makes it much easier to manage. Detangling your hair becomes that much simpler when your hair is even and strong. Take back those precious minutes you spend detangling your hair and spend them on something you enjoy. In addition to easier detangling, healthy hair is also less frizzy, smoother, and responds better to styling. Simply cutting your hair on a frequent basis can make your morning routine that much more effortless. 

  1. It’s a Form of Self-Care

Visiting the salon is a great way to incorporate self-care into your routine. Hair is a large part of people’s confidence – no matter what gender you identify as. For centuries, hair has been a primary way that humans express their personality. According to an article by Healthline, our hair has a direct impact on our mental well-being. It is thought that bad hair can impact our mood because of the way it changes how we perceive ourselves. If this sounds like something you can relate to, it might be worth it to invest in your hair. We wrote all about haircare as a form of self-care in a blog post last year, and we encourage you to check it out!

  1. Chat With Your Stylist(s)

One of the best parts of visiting the salon is that you get to chat with your stylists. Whether you want to gossip about your neighbour or ask us questions about your hair routine, we’re here to listen. And, we are happy to give you our professional opinion about the best ways to style, care for, and treat your locks! 

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Making time for a haircut can be difficult. However, adding this task to your routine can make a world of difference in your confidence and the health of your hair. If you’re looking to get your hair styled at our salon in West Kelowna, contact us today to book your appointment! For more information about the types of services that we offer, visit our services page.

For the months to come, Bottega stylists will be answering your most pressing hair styling questions via a forum called “Ask a Stylist”. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in being a part of, keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks. Our Ask-a-Stylist forum will allow all of our clients and readers to get the hair knowledge they’re looking for from a reliable source! Simply submit a question to the forum and we will do our best to answer these questions on social media and in our blog! So, make sure you’re keeping up with our socials. We look forward to answering your questions soon. 

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, then you would know that we have been in the process of creating an “Ask a Stylist” forum! This forum is going to serve as a channel for all of your most pressing hair and beauty questions. Our expert stylists are ready to inform you about what it takes to achieve the hair of your dreams. At Bottega Salon, we believe that your hair is more than a physical appearance; it’s also a reflection of your personality and unique style. If you want to make 2024 your best hair year yet, then we encourage you to participate in the forum! In this article, we will be going over some details about how the forum works and what you can expect. Follow along below to learn more!

How Does Our Ask a Stylist Forum Work?

Our Ask a Stylist forum is a page on our website that any of our clients or online visitors can access. We wanted to ensure total accessibility so that anyone is able to submit a question to be answered by our team of experts—regardless of your geographical location. Those who want to submit a question can visit this page and use the contact form to provide their inquiry. We will do our very best to get to every question. However, only the best questions will be answered in our monthly blog posts! We hope that you find this forum a fun and interactive way to connect with us about your hair needs. This collaborative space fosters a supportive environment where you can ask questions, receive personalized advice, and connect with a like-minded community!

What Can You Expect From Our End?

  1. Expert Advice

When you submit a question to our forum, you can rest assured that our stylists are going to answer with the most relevant information. Our team is comprised of highly qualified stylists—two of whom are Red Seal certified. Whether you are looking for info about the latest trends or want to find a healthier hair routine, we are ready to guide you!  At Bottega, we believe that your hair deserves the very best, and that is what we intend to provide. 

  1. Tailored Guidance 

Everyone’s hair is different, and we recognize this. No two people are going to share the same hair experience. Because of this, we do our very best to ensure that our responses and recommendations are specific to each hair type, texture and lifestyle. Kiss those generic solutions goodbye and give a warm welcome to our tailored guidance!

  1. Instructive Resources

Finding reliable haircare resources online can be tricky. Especially, given the information overload present on the Internet. Thankfully, with our new forum, you’ll have a place to visit where you’re guaranteed to find instructive and educational information about all things hair. From articles to guides, we’re committed to providing you with everything you need to understand the science behind hair care. 

Contact us or Drop a Message on the Forum Now!

If you want to learn more about our Ask a Stylist page, we encourage you to contact us today! We are so excited to start engaging with your questions and providing you with our feedback. Ready to get involved? Then what are you waiting for? Submit your questions to our forum today so that they can be answered in the next blog post. As always, if you’re looking to get your hair styled at our salon in West Kelowna, contact us today to book your appointment! For more information about the types of services that we offer, visit our services page. We look forward to interacting with you soon!

In British Columbia, the beauty industry is deregulated. This means that not every stylist or esthetician that you visit in B.C. will be licensed. In fact, there is no law in B.C. that states that stylists working at a salon need to have any sort of education or experience. Instead, it is up to the owner of the salon to ensure that their staff has sufficient knowledge and training. Comparatively, all other provinces in Canada require that hair stylists are licensed. This means they must receive an education and pass the licensing requirements in their province in order to work as a hairdresser. In this article, we will be delving deeper into the hairdressing industry in B.C. and explaining why you should choose Bottega for your next hair/beauty appointment!

Follow along below to learn more.

Hairdressing in B.C.

In B.C. no one is required to have any certification to do any hair or esthetic service. Shocking, yes, B.C. is the only province that is unregulated. The province used to be regulated and beauty salons were required to have health and safety inspections like any other business. However, in 2003, the government deregulated the beauty industry. Thus, allowing anyone (license or not) to provide hairdressing or esthetic services across the province. Unlike B.C., the rest of Canada is fully regulated. In all other places in the nation, you must have Trade Certification to be able to do hair, either as an Apprentice, Journeyman (Certificate of Qualification), or Red Seal (internationally recognized). It should be noted that not all hairdressers that went to hair school and hold hair school certificates are Trade Certified!

Most employers of beauty businesses in B.C. require employees to have a certificate of completion from a recognized cosmetology school. Although, it’s hard to say whether a salon has licensed employees. This is because the government does not regulate this in any way. Furthermore, since beauty salons are not regulated by the provincial government, not all establishments will undergo health and safety inspections. Despite this, Interior Health does provide a list of requirements for hair salons to follow regarding health and safety.  

At Bottega, we have three stylists that have certificates from Hair Schools, and they will be going for their Certificate of Qualification (journeyman) and then going for their Red Seal Ticket. However, we also have two Red Seal Certified stylists and two Journeyman Trade Certified stylists. You can check the qualifications of our stylists on the “Meet the Stylists” page!

Why Choose Bottega?

Salons that don’t require their stylists to undergo proper training pose several risks to their clients. For instance, higher chances of infection or spreading of diseases. Moreover, there is a large possibility that an untrained stylist could damage or ruin a person’s hair. In addition to this, placing scissors, razors, and chemicals in the hands of an untrained stylist can result in serious injury. Finally, there is always the risk that you will leave the salon with a bad haircut. 

To avoid these dangers, we recommend finding a salon that is open to the training of their stylists. As we mentioned above, all of our stylists have received education and training prior to working at our salon. Moreover, our salon is clean and follows the guidelines set by Interior Health for how a salon is to be operated. This means that our clients don’t need to worry about unsanitary conditions or nightmare haircuts. Instead, they can find comfort in knowing that our qualified stylists will be able to provide them with their dream hair! Whether that’s a new colour, layers, or a different length. You’ll also be happy to know that all of our beauty room services are performed by the same, highly-qualified stylists. Enjoy a brow tint/lamination, lash tint/lamination, or brow wax stress-free. 

Book an Appointment With us Today!

Since the beauty industry is deregulated in B.C., it is important to be extra cautious when booking salon appointments in British Columbia. Contact us today for more information on the training of our stylists at Bottega. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about your hair or our salon! Bottega has a range of beauty services to ensure all of your hair needs are taken care of. Be sure to check out our social media for the latest updates and events! We look forward to seeing you at our salon soon! 

According to the Internet, haircare isn’t as simple as we may think. But, is this true? Do you really need 7000 different products to maintain your hair’s natural beauty? The answer is no. In fact, most of the time, it comes down to taking care of the simple tasks in your hair routine. Oftentimes, the most basic elements of your hair care regimen can drastically affect the health of your hair. So where are you going wrong? In this article, we aim to answer this question by showing you the areas where people go wrong when it comes to taking care of their hair.

Follow along below to learn more from your hairstylists West Kelowna!

Damaging Hair Habits!

  1. Brushing Top-Down

One of the worst things that you can do for your hair, is brush it from top to bottom. Although it may feel right, it can cause immense damage to your locks. This is because it tears through the knots instead of gently working them out. Instead, try brushing your hair from bottom to top. Not only will this be less painful, but it will also minimize damage. 

  1. Sleeping With Wet Hair

Going to bed with wet hair is something that I’m sure many of us are guilty of. However, sleeping before your hair is dry can cause damage to your luscious locks. This is because your hair is in its most fragile state when it is wet. And, by sleeping on it before it has had time to dry, you put yourself at risk for breakage and frizz. If you must sleep on your wet locks, invest in a silk pillowcase. 

  1. Using the Wrong Shampoo

To the humans who frequent the salon for a new hair colour, this one’s for you. Coloured hair cannot be washed with the same shampoo as non-coloured hair. Those who dye their hair should invest in a protective shampoo without sulphates. This will help maintain the colour and keep your hair healthy. 

  1. At Home Colouring

At-home colouring is quite possibly one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair. While it can be expensive to get your hair dyed at the salon, it might be worth the extra few bucks. This is often due to the fact that box dyes are not suited for one specific hair type. Which means you usually won’t get the results you want. 

More Hair Mistakes to Avoid According to Hairstylists West Kelowna.

  1. Dry Shampoo Over Washing

Dry shampoo is a product many of us hold near and dear to our hearts. It’s the bridge between washes and the quick fix for adding texture and volume. But, is it really your saving grace? Or is it actually just ruining your hair? The answer is the latter. Dry shampoo is full of starches that build up over time and make you hair look dull. It is also a common culprit for clogging pores on your scalp which prevents hair growth. So, next time you reach for the dry shampoo, take a shower instead. 

  1. Updos Too Often

Slicking back your hair into a tight updo is a great style when you want elegance without effort. However, wearing them too often can cause bald patches. This condition is known as traction alopecia. So, it is important to make sure that slicked-back hair doesn’t become your go-to style. 

  1. Avoiding Conditioning

Another hair mistake that people often miss, is not conditioning after you shampoo. While avoiding conditioner might add some volume to your hair, it can also cause long-term damage. Conditioner is used after shampooing to seal and protect the hair after you strip the dirt with shampoo. 

  1. Not Using Heat Protectant  

We’ve mentioned this one many times before, but it’s worth saying again. If you are going to use a heat tool, make sure you use a heat protectant. This is the biggest issue among people who use heat tools. Before you pull out the curling wand or straightening iron find yourself a great heat protectant—your hair will thank you!

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Contact us today for more information on what mistakes to avoid in your hair-care routine. Feel free to reach out to one of our West Kelowna hair stylists with any questions you may have about your hair or our salon! Bottega has a range of beauty services to ensure all of your hair needs are taken care of. Be sure to check out our social media for the latest updates and events! We look forward to seeing you at our salon soon! 

2023 is here! And, what better time than now to start thinking about hair care goals for the new year? There are so many ways that you can improve your locks over the course of the next 12 months. From frequent trims to better products, your options for hair care are endless. If you have goals of achieving luscious locks or simply maintaining hair health, it is important that you create some resolutions. By achieving your hair goals you can also improve other parts of yourself. Such as your confidence and happiness. Hair care is about so much more than looks! And, it is essential to realize the impact that a good hair day can have on your life. Follow along below to discover some inspiration for your 2023 hair care resolutions. 

Styling Resolutions:

  1. Embrace Your Natural Locks

Everyone’s hair is different in its own way. Whether that be through texture, colour, length, or thickness. It can be hard to embrace your natural hair; especially if you aren’t sure how to maintain it. However, learning to love and care for your natural locks can be the key to achieving the hair you’ve always wanted. Accepting your hair for what it is will help improve your self-confidence and lead to healthier haircare habits. The journey to loving your hair can be incredibly rewarding and the new year is the perfect time to start embracing your locks. 

  1. Put Down the Heat Tools

This one is for all the people out there who can’t live without their straighteners, curlers and blow dryers. 2023 is the year that we stop relying on heat tools to style our locks. Sure, it’s nice to pull out the heat tools every now and again to achieve that movie star look. But, please, allow your hair to rest once and a while. Air drying and heatless styling tools are your friends in 2023. This saves your hair from burning to a crisp and helps minimize spending on restorative products. 

  1. Test out a New Style, Length, or Colour

Change is in the air. There’s no better time to test out a new style, length, or colour than at the beginning of the year. Changing up your look could be exactly what you need to kickstart the new you. While testing out a new style can be nerve-wracking, it is important to remember that hair grows back! So, whatever you do, you’ll always have the option to return it to its original state. 

Haircare Resolutions from Kelowna Hair Stylists:

  1. Wash your Hair Accordingly

There are so many misconceptions about hair washing. Some people swear by washing once a week, and others would prefer to wash their locks every day. But, the truth is, everyone is different. Not all hair types will behave the same with each washing routine. This is why it is important to figure out what works for you. If you are curious about learning more about hair washing, check out the post we wrote about in October of 2022. 

  1. Trim Often

A trim is one of the easiest ways to make your hair feel brand new. In fact, getting trims regularly can make your hair all the healthier and easier to manage. Although, it is important to note that the frequency at which you trim your locks highly depends on how long your hair is. Those with pixie cuts are more likely to need to trim their hair on a regular basis. By comparison, someone with long hair won’t need to trim nearly as often. With this in mind, a trim can be the perfect way to breathe life back into your hair. 

  1. Invest in Quality Products

Quality hair care products are certainly worth the hype. Although it is undoubtedly more affordable to spend your money on drugstore products, the results are subpar. And, sometimes even damaging. Contrastively, high-end hair products are designed with quality ingredients to ensure your hair stays luscious and beautiful at all times. Moreover, better hair products can make a huge difference in the appearance of your hair and your hair’s health. Try out a better shampoo in 2023 and feel the difference! 

  1. Scalp Care

Exfoliating your scalp removes dead skin cells that clog pores which in turn helps stimulate blood circulation. Thus, promoting hair growth!

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The holidays are quickly approaching and for the month of November, we’d like to focus on haircare as a form of self-care. Currently, we live in a world where overdoing it is the norm. And, during the holiday season, everyone tends to overextend themselves a little bit more than usual. This is a recipe for exhaustion. Self-care isn’t so much about wasting hours of your day in a bath or spending hundreds of dollars on going to the spa. Instead, it is about making healthier, mindful choices and nurturing good habits. 

For the average person, free time is minimal. And, it comes as no surprise that self-care is probably not on the top of your to-do list during these precious moments. However, taking 5-10-minutes each day can help improve your stress levels and change your mood for the better. There are many ways that you can incorporate self-care into your daily/weekly routine. In this article, we will be talking about hair care as a form of self-care. Continue reading below to learn more about how hair care can be used as a form of self-care!

How is Haircare in West Kelowna Self-care?

Hair is a large part of people’s confidence – no matter what gender they identify as. For centuries, hair has been a primary way that humans express their personalities. According to an article by Healthline, our hair has a direct impact on our mental well-being. It is thought that bad hair can impact our mood because of the way it changes how we perceive ourselves. If this sounds like something you can relate to, it might be worth it to invest in haircare. This does not mean spraying in dry shampoo as you fly out of the door. 

Haircare means spending some time each day or week to breathe some life back into your hair. This may mean investing in a few new products or incorporating ones you already have into your routine. It could also mean finding a home remedy for your hair’s biggest problems (ie: breakage, dryness, frizz). Or, simply finding products that amplify your hair’s natural beauty. Whatever it may be, haircare is a crucial part of self-care. 

Ways to Incorporate Haircare into your Routine.

There are so many ways that you can turn haircare into a form of self-care. One of the best ways you can do so is by giving yourself a good scalp massage. A scalp massage is a great way to release tension, boost blood circulation to the face/head, and promote hair growth. Moreover, as a bonus, it feels amazing! Grab your favourite shampoo and massage it into your scalp or use a scalp massage brush for added benefits. This simple task can be done on your hair-wash days and takes only a few minutes to complete – Sounds worth it to us

Another way that you can do haircare, is by investing in some essential oils. Oils are key to hair health and appearance. And, they smell amazing! Choose an oil that will best benefit your hair and massage it into your scalp and the ends of your hair. It is best to use warm oil for this process. However, make sure you test the temperature of your oil before applying it to your scalp because your scalp is more sensitive to temperature than other parts of your body. 

Finally, if products and massages aren’t really your thing, consider getting a haircut once a month. Or, waking up a few minutes earlier to ensure that you can style your hair exactly how you want it. After all, the way your hair looks is the most important to your confidence.

Learn More About Haircare in West Kelowna as Self-care!

By taking a few moments out of your day to improve the health of your hair, your confidence will be boosted, and your stress levels will lower. Although self-care is not as critical to our lives as healthy foods and exercise, it can help mitigate tension in our day-to-day lives. Remaining calm and stress-free will improve your physical and mental well-being. 

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Men are often left out of the discussion when it comes to hair care and other areas of the beauty industry. Because of this, we wanted to write an article to help all of our male readers with their hair care. There is no real difference between male and female hair. Although, men and women tend to manage their hair differently. Either way, it is important to have a solid hair care routine to ensure that your locks stay happy and healthy. In this blog post, we will be going through some techniques, products, and styling tips to help you get started.

Follow along below to learn more about men’s hair care from your hairstylists in West Kelowna. 

1. Make Sure Your Scalp is Clean.

The condition of your scalp is so important in maintaining the health of your hair. A clean scalp is necessary in order to promote hair growth, prevent bacteria, and reduce inflammation. This is especially true for those who exercise and sweat often. However, it is also critical that you don’t wash your hair too often or it could lose some of its protective oils. Finding a washing regimen that works for you is a great step towards healthier hair! 

2. Hairstylists in West Kelowna Recommend That You Use The Right Products!

Depending on your hair type, you will want to use a specific set of products. First, it is important to recognize what kind of hair you have. For instance, is it curly, wavy, straight, thin, thick, dry, oily, or a combination of these qualities? Once you know the answer you can search for products that help you style your hair, maintain its health, and make it easier to work with. Our hairstylists in West Kelowna love all of Goldwell’s hair care products. 

3. There’s No Time Like the Present.

When you first take the plunge into the hair care world it can be intimidating. Especially if you have no previous experience or knowledge about what’s good and what’s bad. However, hair care shouldn’t be a scary and time-consuming process. It should be a simple step in your morning or night routine that improves your well-being. If you have a problem with your hair, do a quick google search or consult with hairstylists in West Kelowna to figure out how you can treat these concerns. Whatever you choose to do, start now! There’s no time like the present to get a hold of the health of your hair. 

4. Practice & Consistency.

Once you have a hair care routine that works for you, it is important to stick to it. The more you practice your routine the quicker it will become and the easier it will be to follow. Staying consistent will yield the best results and the healthiest hair. 

Furthermore, having short hair as a man or a woman is a lot of work. In order to keep it looking fresh and well-kept, it is important to have regular hair cuts. Otherwise, it can quickly become messy and hard to style. If it is too out of reach to get regular hair cuts, consider learning how to trim neck hair and clean up the edges to make each haircut stretch. Alternatively, you could get a significant other or friend to help with this process. Either way, to prevent your hair from looking disheveled it is important t regularly trim and cut your hair.

5. Moisturizing Tips From Hairstylists in West Kelowna.

Keeping your hair hydrated is a vital part of your hair’s health. Although much of this is determined by the type of hair that you have. One of the simplest ways to ensure your hair stays hydrated is to use a high-quality, gentle, conditioner every time you wash your hair. By only using shampoo, you are allowing your hair to dry out and strip the nutrients from the strands. This can lead to breakage and a dry scalp. For added protection, consider using a spray leave-in conditioner. These are great for individuals with fine hair. 

Contact Hairstylists in West Kelowna Today!

Maintaining your hair’s health can be hard! Especially if you don’t know where to start. At Bottega, we have plenty of products and tips to help you keep your hair feeling healthy and fresh all year long. Contact us today for more information on the importance of hair care as a man. Feel free to reach out to one of our hairstylists in West Kelowna with any questions you may have about your hair or our salon! Be sure to check out our social media for the latest updates and events! We look forward to seeing you at our salon soon!